Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The True Daredevil-Minus Ben Affleck

Human echolocation is the ability of humans to sense objects by hearing echoes off those said objects. it's not really nwe, but none have taken it as far as Ben Underwood. Ben was diagnosed with retinal cancer and had his eyes removed at three. Terrible, yes, but merely Ben's origin story.

Ben soon was able to use echolocation by clicking noises and soon became proficient at basketball, rollerblading, foosball, and even video game!


A Quick Hello and Das Uberboy!

Hello,there! I'm ProfQ, and I will be using my website to introduce you to some real life super heroes. You may be questioning what I just said, but the world is a strange place, and it seems nature has caught up with the minds of Stan Lee, Joe Shuster, and the like. Now, let's begin!

Our first subject is "Das Uberboy". Born in 1999 in Germany, this little baby appered no different than any others. However, when the doctor and nurses further examined him, he was ripped! It is a genetic cause, that of which the lack of the growth factor myostain, which limits muscle growth. His identity has been kept quiet by his parents, likely for the day when he dons a mask and cape and begins fighting crime!